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We offer a different experience how to know the Portuguese Coast, to see Lisbon by boat or  to watch the Sunset in Cascais or Lisbon you will be  tasting our typical snacks, meals and drinks. Dolphins Safari are a good way to make your kids feel happy, or just invite your love for a romantic trip on our boats, any tour will make Portugal looks like a dream.​

Sunset Tour Cascais                                                                                                  

Sunset trips in Cascais and Lisbon
Sunset trip in Cascais and Lisbon
Sunset trip in Lisbon
Shining River in Lisbon yacht trip
Sunset Tours in Cascais

Season: Any time          

Departure: Cascais Marina 

Tour Area: Cascais & Estoril bay or Tejo River

Maximum Capacity:  10 person + 2 Crew     

Prices:   - 1:30 hour:      39 €



-Private boat: 270€

Includes:  Welcome Drinks & Crew


- Dolphin Safari                                                                                                                         

Dolphins Safari in Cascais
Dolphin Safari in Cascais
Dolphin Safari in Sesimbra
Dolphin Safari in Cascais
Dolphin Safari in Cascais
Dolphin safari Speed boat

Departure: Cascais and Sesimbra                        

Safari Area:    - 10 miles around Cascais Coast

                          - Around Sesimbra and Sado Estuary  

Maximum Capacity: 12 person + 2 crew             Duration: 2​ hours

Prices per person : 


    -65,00 €*​ Cascais (boat needs minimum of 6 people)


*kids under 10y.o. 50,00€

Best time:  Any time                                   Departure: Cascais or Lisbon
Tour Area:  Cascais and Estoril bay            Duration:   1:30hour
Maximum Capacity: 6 person​ + 2 Crew                      

Prices for a private boat:         Basic                     Special                         VIP             

-2 people                                           85€p.p.                   115€p.p.                     150€p.p.


-Snacks                                                     --                             ✓                                             -soft drinks, beers & wine                  w.d.*                         ✓ (2 units)                   ✓

-Sushi/Sea Food                                     --                               --                                   ✓

* Welcome drink

Romantic dinner in Lisbon
Romantic Tour in Portugal
Romantic Sail tour in Cascais
Romantic Tour in Cascais
Romantic Tour in Cascais

Romantic Tour                                                                                                                            

Best time:  Any time                                                

Departure: Marina de Cascais ,Lisboa or Algarve;

Tour Area: your choice;                                      

Duration: 4 to 8 hours​, 24 hours, weekends or week;

Maximum capacity: 18 Passengers​


Prices:  Under request                



- Limousines

- Private Chef

- Helicopters

- Luxury Cars

- Hostess

- Open bar

- Private Barman

- Sea food

- Private Sushimaster

- Babysitters

- Biggest yachts in Portugal


- Luxury moments                                                                                                                       

Super Yacht charter
Azimut in Cascais
Jacuzzi on the yacht in Cascais
Luxury Yachts in Portugal
Sea food in Cascais on the Yacht
Private Helicopter Transfers
Moored in Cascais

Cooming Soon

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